M110604 - Prestolite Leece Neville POWER PRO 7 M110 12V Starter Motor w OCP

Direct Replacement POWER PRO - Direct Replacement

Part Notes : Flange or IMS relay may require rotation. Prestolite products not approved for aviation applications. For 2015 and earlier GHG14 engines.

PowerPro™ 7 series starters integrate premium technologies into a powerful and highly robust in-line gear reduction unit. Each PowerPro 7 series starter offers superior performance in over-the-road and heavy duty engines up to 16L and include Prestolite’s Integral Magnetic Switch (IMS) Soft Start Relay technology to help eliminate voltage drop issues by minimizing wiring between the relay and solenoid.

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Brand Name POWER PROWeight N/A
New vs. Reman NewPainted Housing Yes
Mounting Type SAE3Wet Clutch Yes
Switch Position 52.5Rotable Nose Yes
Pinion Pitch M3Rotation CW
Voltage 12Jump Starter Protection No
OCP (Over Crank Protection) YesProduct Family M110
Polarity Insulated returnKilowatt Rating 7
Tooth Quantity 12

App Info

Vehicle TypeMakeModelYear RangeNote
ALL Freightliner 108SD 2016-2016 L;6Cyl;12.8L;Natural;Mercedes-Benz;Diesel;MBE 4000
ALL Freightliner 114SD 2015-2015 L;6Cyl;14.8L;Natural;Detroit Diesel;Diesel;DD15
ALL Freightliner B2 2009-2009 L;6Cyl;14.8L;Natural;Detroit Diesel;Diesel;DD15
ALL Freightliner C112 2007-2007 L;6Cyl;12.8L;Natural;Mercedes-Benz;Diesel;MBE 4000
ALL Freightliner C112 Glider 2004-2004 L;6Cyl;12.8L;Natural;Mercedes-Benz;Diesel;MBE 4000
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ImagePart NoDescriptionNotes
K183710006S  Starter Drive Shaft & Gear Assembly 
K185710006S  Starter Lever  
K185710070S  Starter Brush Set  
K185710075S  Starter Lead Kit 
K212710029S  Starter Hardware Kit 
M016710028S  Starter Field Coil 
M029710066S  Starter Pinion Kit 
M168710054S  Starter Relay Bracket  
S214710108S  Starter Solenoid 
M012710011S  Starter CE Housing 
S214710066S  Starter Control Relay 
M007710029S  Starter Brush Holder Assembly 
M002710007S  Starter Armature  
M777710134S  Starter Shift Lever Housing 
M029710044S  Starter Drive  

Where Used

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Cross Reference

Competitor PartNoCompetitor NameInterChange TypeNotes
M110604POWER PRODirect Replacement
8300084DELCO REMYDirect Replacement
8200082DELCO REMYDirect Replacement
8300008DELCO REMYDirect Replacement
M009T70379MITSUBISHIDirect Replacement
8200434DELCO REMYDirect Replacement
19011525DELCO REMYDirect Replacement
4280004451DENSODirect Replacement
M009T71179MITSUBISHIDirect Replacement
8200287DELCO REMYDirect Replacement
M110601POWER PROCan UseOCP Version
M9T71179MITSUBISHIDirect Replacement
8200298DELCO REMYDirect Replacement
8200329DELCO REMYDirect Replacement
8200671DELCO REMYDirect Replacement
8201022DELCO REMYDirect Replacement
428000-4451DENSODirect Replacement
6919LESTERDirect Replacement
FL0189DIAMOND GUARDDirect Replacement
FL0379DIAMOND GUARDDirect Replacement
FL1179DIAMOND GUARDDirect Replacement
MIB970379DIAMOND GUARDDirect Replacement
MIB971179DIAMOND GUARDDirect Replacement
MIB971179FLDIAMOND GUARDDirect Replacement
8200585DELCO REMYDirect Replacement
8200655DELCO REMYDirect Replacement
1990191PIERCE MFGDirect Replacement
M39434LOAD HANDLERAssociated PartSubstitute Product
STR4291UNIPOINTDirect Replacement
SR9922LHBOSCHDirect Replacement
6910LESTERDirect Replacement
410-12288J&NDirect Replacement
41012703J&NDirect Replacement
410-12703J&NDirect Replacement
41012288J&NDirect Replacement
1046910ALLTECHDirect Replacement
104-6910ALLTECHDirect Replacement
M125R2600SEPRESTOLITE ELECTRICDirect Replacement
M110R2604SEPRESTOLITE ELECTRICDirect Replacement