A160202-2 - Prestolite Leece Neville IDLE PRO 12V 230A Brush Alternator

Part Notes : Prestolite products not approved for aviation applications

New Leece-Neville IdlePro™ series alternators provide the industry-best output at low engine speeds through an innovative brushed, dual internal fan design. IdlePro series alternators include a host of features that help extend battery life and increase vehicle uptime by enhancing electrical system and engine performance. Isolated Ground Technology. eCoated housing to add protection in harsh operating environments. Remote sense capable to optimize alternator output and increase battery life.

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New vs. Reman NewAC (R) Terminal No
Amperage 230Dust Screen No
Excitation Type WL (D+)Field ISO Terminal No
Ignition (I) Terminal YesIgnition Protection No
Lamp (L) Terminal NoMultipower Terminal No
Neutral Terminal NoSense (S) Terminal Yes
Painted Housing YesMounting Type T-mount
Rotation BI-DIRVoltage 12
Product Family AVIPolarity Grounded - Earth return
Fan Location INTRegulator Type INT

App Info

Vehicle TypeMakeModelYear RangeNote
ALL Ford Commercial Vehicle 2002-2002 V;8Cyl;7.3L;Turbo;International;Diesel
ALL Ford E-350 Club Wagon 2003-2003 Chateau; United States; V; 8Cyl; 7.3L; -CC; 445Cid; 4.11; Turbocharged; F; DIESEL; FI; International
ALL Ford E-350 Club Wagon 2003-2003 XL; United States; V; 8Cyl; 7.3L; -CC; 445Cid; 4.11; Turbocharged; F; DIESEL; FI; International
ALL Ford E-350 Club Wagon 2003-2003 XLT; United States; V; 8Cyl; 7.3L; -CC; 445Cid; 4.11; Turbocharged; F; DIESEL; FI; International
ALL Ford E-350 Econoline 1998-1998 Base; United States; V; 8Cyl; 7.3L; -CC; 445Cid; 4.11; Turbocharged; F; DIESEL; FI; International
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ImagePart NoDescriptionNotes
A020105153S  Alternator Rotor 
A011105003S  Alternator Rear Housing 
A023105017S  Alternator Stator  
A051105032S  Alternator Rectifier  
R007520270S  Voltage Regulator 
A038520427S  Alternator Cover 
Z032520348S  Alternator Pulley Spacer 
K212105665S  Alternator Hardware Kit 
K069105591S  Alternator Bolt Kit 
R175520322S  Alternator Harness  
A014105150S  Alternator Front Housing 

Where Used

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Cross Reference

Competitor PartNoCompetitor NameInterChange TypeNotes
AVI160T2002-2PRESTOLITE ELECTRICDirect ReplacementItem Number
AL7566NBOSCHDirect Replacement
LNAVI160T20022DAIMLERDirect Replacement
23CU-10300-BBFORDDirect Replacement
23CU-10300-CBFORDDirect Replacement
2C3Z-10346-BBFORDDirect Replacement
2C3Z-10346-CBFORDDirect Replacement
3C3T-10300-AAFORDDirect Replacement
3C3T-10300-ACFORDDirect Replacement
3C3T-10300-BBFORDDirect Replacement
3C3Z-10346-AAFORDDirect Replacement
4C3T-10300-AAFORDDirect Replacement
4C3T-10300-BAFORDDirect Replacement
4C3T-10300-BBFORDDirect Replacement
4C3Z-10346AAFORDDirect Replacement
5C2T-10300-CAFORDDirect Replacement
5C2Z-10346-CAFORDDirect Replacement
5C3T-10300-BBFORDDirect Replacement
5C3Z-10346-DAFORDDirect Replacement
6C2T-10300-DAFORDDirect Replacement
6C2Z-10346-CAFORDDirect Replacement
6C2Z-10346-EAFORDDirect Replacement
6C2Z-10346DAFORDDirect Replacement
6C3T-10300-BAFORDDirect Replacement
6C3Z-10346-BAFORDDirect Replacement
6C3Z-10346-DAFORDDirect Replacement
7C3T-10300-BBFORDDirect Replacement
F3UM-10300-AFFORDDirect Replacement
F3UU-10300-AFFORDDirect Replacement
F5UU-10300-BAFORDDirect Replacement
F5UU-10300-CAFORDDirect Replacement
F5UU-10300-EAFORDDirect Replacement
F5UZ-10346-CAFORDDirect Replacement
F6PZ-10346-LAFORDDirect Replacement
F6UU-10300-EAFORDDirect Replacement
F6UU-10300-EBFORDDirect Replacement
F81U-10300-CCFORDDirect Replacement
F81U-10300-CDFORDDirect Replacement
F81U-10300-DBFORDDirect Replacement
F81U-10300-DCFORDDirect Replacement
F81U-10300-DDFORDDirect Replacement
F81U-10300-DEFORDDirect Replacement
F81U-10300-EBFORDDirect Replacement
F81U-10300-EDFORDDirect Replacement
F81U-10300-GAFORDDirect Replacement
F81U-10300-GCFORDDirect Replacement
F81U10300-CEFORDDirect Replacement
F81Z-10346-CAFORDDirect Replacement
F81Z-10346-DAFORDDirect Replacement
12075LESTERDirect Replacement
7768LESTERDirect Replacement
7797LESTERDirect Replacement
7798LESTERDirect Replacement
8136LESTERDirect Replacement
8306LESTERDirect Replacement
8317LESTERDirect Replacement
8445LESTERDirect Replacement
8476LESTERDirect Replacement
8477LESTERDirect Replacement
8478LESTERDirect Replacement
8479LESTERDirect Replacement
GL360MOTORCRAFTDirect Replacement
GL381MOTORCRAFTDirect Replacement
GL410MOTORCRAFTDirect Replacement
GL411MOTORCRAFTDirect Replacement
GL504RMMOTORCRAFTDirect Replacement
GL530MOTORCRAFTDirect Replacement
GL531MOTORCRAFTDirect Replacement
GL551MOTORCRAFTDirect Replacement
GL557MOTORCRAFTDirect Replacement
GL569MOTORCRAFTDirect Replacement
GL625MOTORCRAFTDirect Replacement
GL626MOTORCRAFTDirect Replacement
GL630MOTORCRAFTDirect Replacement
GL635MOTORCRAFTDirect Replacement
GL643MOTORCRAFTDirect Replacement
GL644MOTORCRAFTDirect Replacement
GL647MOTORCRAFTDirect Replacement
GL648MOTORCRAFTDirect Replacement
GL649MOTORCRAFTDirect Replacement
A160202-2PRESTOLITE ELECTRICDirect ReplacementSales Number