A147J310 - Prestolite Leece Neville IDLE PRO 24V 120A Brush Alternator

Direct Replacement PRESTOLITE ELECTRIC - Direct Replacement - Item Number

Part Notes : Prestolite products not approved for aviation applications

New Leece-Neville IdlePro™ series alternators provide the industry-best output at low engine speeds through an innovative brushed, dual internal fan design. IdlePro series alternators include a host of features that help extend battery life and increase vehicle uptime by enhancing electrical system and engine performance. Isolated Ground Technology. eCoated housing to add protection in harsh operating environments. Remote sense capable to optimize alternator output and increase battery life

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New vs. Reman NewAC (R) Terminal Yes
Amperage 120Dust Screen No
Excitation Type IGNField ISO Terminal No
Ignition (I) Terminal YesIgnition Protection No
Lamp (L) Terminal YesMultipower Terminal No
Neutral Terminal NoSense (S) Terminal No | Yes
Painted Housing YesMounting Type J-180
Rotation BI-DIRVoltage 24
Product Family AVIPolarity Grounded - Earth return
Fan Location INTRegulator Type INT

App Info

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ImagePart NoDescriptionNotes
6524-103  Alternator Front Housing 
6524-104  Alternator Rear Housing 
6524-132  Alternator Bearing Kit 
6524-133D  Alternator Pulley Retention Kit 
6524-134D  Alternator Hardware Kit 
6524-179  Voltage Regulator 
6524-25  Alternator Rectifier  
6524-37  Alternator Cover 
A020520081  Alternator Rotor 
A023520040  Alternator Stator  
A062520057  Alternator Slip Ring 

Where Used

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Cross Reference

Competitor PartNoCompetitor NameInterChange TypeNotes
RDG201A11BARRUSDirect Replacement
0 124 555 009BOSCHDirect Replacement
0 124 555 017BOSCHDirect Replacement
0 124 555 020BOSCHDirect Replacement
0 124 555 036BOSCHDirect Replacement
0 124 555 058BOSCHDirect Replacement
0 124 555 559BOSCHDirect Replacement
0 124 655 008BOSCHDirect Replacement
0 124 655 012BOSCHDirect Replacement
0 124 655 013BOSCHDirect Replacement
0 124 655 019BOSCHDirect Replacement
0 124 655 021BOSCHDirect Replacement
0 124 655 024BOSCHDirect Replacement
0 124 655 079BOSCHDirect Replacement
0 124 655 131BOSCHDirect Replacement
0 124 655 156BOSCHDirect Replacement
0 124 655 331BOSCHDirect Replacement
0 124 655 333BOSCHDirect Replacement
0124555009BOSCHDirect Replacement
0124555017BOSCHDirect Replacement
0124555020BOSCHDirect Replacement
0124555036BOSCHDirect Replacement
0124555058BOSCHDirect Replacement
0124555559BOSCHDirect Replacement
0124655008BOSCHDirect Replacement
0124655012BOSCHDirect Replacement
0124655013BOSCHDirect Replacement
0124655019BOSCHDirect Replacement
0124655021BOSCHDirect Replacement
0124655024BOSCHDirect Replacement
0124655079BOSCHDirect Replacement
0124655131BOSCHDirect Replacement
0124655156BOSCHDirect Replacement
0124655331BOSCHDirect Replacement
0124655333BOSCHDirect Replacement
0 986 046 290BOSCH EXCHANGEDirect Replacement
0 986 047 440BOSCH EXCHANGEDirect Replacement
0 986 049 350BOSCH EXCHANGEDirect Replacement
0 986 049 360BOSCH EXCHANGEDirect Replacement
0 986 081 010BOSCH EXCHANGEDirect Replacement
0986046290BOSCH EXCHANGEDirect Replacement
0986047440BOSCH EXCHANGEDirect Replacement
0986049350BOSCH EXCHANGEDirect Replacement
0986049360BOSCH EXCHANGEDirect Replacement
0986081010BOSCH EXCHANGEDirect Replacement
BX4629BOSCH EXCHANGEDirect Replacement
BX4744BOSCH EXCHANGEDirect Replacement
BX4935BOSCH EXCHANGEDirect Replacement
BX4936BOSCH EXCHANGEDirect Replacement
CAL10626CASCODirect Replacement
CAL10633CASCODirect Replacement
CAL10659CASCODirect Replacement
CAL10664CASCODirect Replacement
1524012DAFDirect Replacement
1524012RDAFDirect Replacement
DRA0285DELCO REMYDirect Replacement
DRA0286DELCO REMYDirect Replacement
DRA0943DELCO REMYDirect Replacement
DRB0002DELCO REMYDirect Replacement
DRB0003DELCO REMYDirect Replacement
DRB0005DELCO REMYDirect Replacement
DRB6290DELCO REMYDirect Replacement
DRB7440DELCO REMYDirect Replacement
5301211104DRIDirect Replacement
5301211204DRIDirect Replacement
530121804DRIDirect Replacement
538116804DRIDirect Replacement
221039DTDirect Replacement
221041DTDirect Replacement
484948ELSTOCKDirect Replacement
486525ELSTOCKDirect Replacement
486532ELSTOCKDirect Replacement
114078HC CARGODirect Replacement
CA1853HC PARTSDirect Replacement
CA1853IRHC PARTSDirect Replacement
CA1883IRHC PARTSDirect Replacement
8EL738211121HELLADirect Replacement
8EL738211611HELLADirect Replacement
AT300167JOHN DEEREDirect Replacement
AT303320JOHN DEEREDirect Replacement
AT387573JOHN DEEREDirect Replacement
AT387574JOHN DEEREDirect Replacement
01182405KHDDirect Replacement
01182771KHDDirect Replacement
1182405KHDDirect Replacement
1182771KHDDirect Replacement
12599LESTERDirect Replacement
LRA02801LUCAS EXCHANGEDirect Replacement
LRA02877LUCAS EXCHANGEDirect Replacement
LRA03285LUCAS EXCHANGEDirect Replacement
LRA03413LUCAS EXCHANGEDirect Replacement
LRA03420LUCAS EXCHANGEDirect Replacement
LRA2801LUCAS EXCHANGEDirect Replacement
LRA3285LUCAS EXCHANGEDirect Replacement
LRA3413LUCAS EXCHANGEDirect Replacement
X54417200005MTUDirect Replacement
89213701POWERMAXDirect Replacement
5010589525RENAULTDirect Replacement
5010589551RENAULTDirect Replacement
5010589555RENAULTDirect Replacement
7420409228RENAULTDirect Replacement
7420466317RENAULTDirect Replacement
7420853850RENAULTDirect Replacement
7420862899RENAULTDirect Replacement
7421429789RENAULTDirect Replacement
ALT2117AUNIPOINTDirect Replacement
ALT2117BUNIPOINTDirect Replacement
F042A01130UNIPOINTDirect Replacement
F042A01131UNIPOINTDirect Replacement
11170134VOLVODirect Replacement
11170321VOLVODirect Replacement
15063541VOLVODirect Replacement
15196041VOLVODirect Replacement
20409228VOLVODirect Replacement
20409240VOLVODirect Replacement
20466315VOLVODirect Replacement
20466317VOLVODirect Replacement
20741686VOLVODirect Replacement
20770016VOLVODirect Replacement
20849349VOLVODirect Replacement
20849350VOLVODirect Replacement
20849351VOLVODirect Replacement
20849352VOLVODirect Replacement
20850236VOLVODirect Replacement
21429781VOLVODirect Replacement
21429782VOLVODirect Replacement
21429783VOLVODirect Replacement
21429786VOLVODirect Replacement
21429787VOLVODirect Replacement
21429790VOLVODirect Replacement
21429791VOLVODirect Replacement
22218392VOLVODirect Replacement
3803639VOLVODirect Replacement
85000257VOLVODirect Replacement
85000419VOLVODirect Replacement
85000592VOLVODirect Replacement
85000626VOLVODirect Replacement
85000628VOLVODirect Replacement
85000629VOLVODirect Replacement
85000643VOLVODirect Replacement
85003355VOLVODirect Replacement
85003357VOLVODirect Replacement
85003358VOLVODirect Replacement
DP085129ADL / DENNISDirect Replacement
ABO0372ARROW HEADDirect Replacement
AVI147J3110HDPRESTOLITE ELECTRICDirect ReplacementItem Number
AVI147S3010HDPRESTOLITE ELECTRICDirect ReplacementSupersede
A147J310PRESTOLITE ELECTRICDirect ReplacementSales Number
DP085129ADL DENNISDirect Replacement120A upgrade. No Pulley