A22J70 - Load Handler Power 24V 70A Brush Alternator

Direct Replacement LOAD HANDLER - Direct Replacement

Part Notes : Prestolite products not approved for aviation applications.

LoadHandler L22™ Alternators. Reliable Brushed Design for Medium & Heavy Duty Applications. 24V, 70-Amp. Reliable Power Source. 100-Percent New Drop-In Replacement. Drop-in replacement engineered to match OE design in appearance, fit and function. Units contain a heavy duty bearing, rectifier and diode to increase service life and help to improve performance in extreme operating environments

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Brand Name LOAD HANDLERWeight N/A
New vs. Reman NewAC (R) Terminal Yes
Amperage 70Dust Screen No
Excitation Type IGNField ISO Terminal No
Ignition (I) Terminal YesIgnition Protection No
Lamp (L) Terminal NoMultipower Terminal No
Neutral Terminal NoSense (S) Terminal No
Painted Housing NoMounting Type J-180
Rotation CWVoltage 24
Product Family LHPPPolarity Grounded - Earth return
Fan Location EXTRegulator Type INT

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Cross Reference

Competitor PartNoCompetitor NameInterChange TypeNotes
A22J70LOAD HANDLERDirect Replacement
76193539FIATDirect Replacement
71440019JCBDirect Replacement
6735816230CASE IHDirect Replacement
0R8332CATERPILLARDirect Replacement
1322156CATERPILLARDirect Replacement
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19020346DELCO REMYDirect Replacement
500161704DRIDirect Replacement
48-5610ELSTOCKDirect Replacement
485610ELSTOCKDirect Replacement
111284FARCOMDirect Replacement
113588FARCOMDirect Replacement
112160HC CARGODirect Replacement
21E6-40030HYUNDAIDirect Replacement
21E640030HYUNDAIDirect Replacement
71433100JCBDirect Replacement
71440020JCBDirect Replacement
1305787H91KOMATSUDirect Replacement
1316278H91KOMATSUDirect Replacement
600-821-7370KOMATSUDirect Replacement
600-821-7790KOMATSUDirect Replacement
600-825-3790KOMATSUDirect Replacement
600-825-6540KOMATSUDirect Replacement
600-825-6820KOMATSUDirect Replacement
6008217370KOMATSUDirect Replacement
6008217790KOMATSUDirect Replacement
6008253790KOMATSUDirect Replacement
6008256540KOMATSUDirect Replacement
6008256820KOMATSUDirect Replacement
6732816110KOMATSUDirect Replacement
16.1620LAUBERDirect Replacement
161620LAUBERDirect Replacement
07J20PERKINSDirect Replacement
89213717POWERMAXDirect Replacement
20109216OEREALDirect Replacement
20109316OEREALDirect Replacement
20109416BNREALDirect Replacement
501620RIAD KÜHNERDirect Replacement
501620RIDAD KÜHNERDirect Replacement
646004070030BV PSHDirect Replacement
646004070390BV PSHDirect Replacement
2060612.1SANDODirect Replacement
20606121SANDODirect Replacement
2060613.1SANDODirect Replacement
20606131SANDODirect Replacement
2060614.0SANDODirect Replacement
20606140SANDODirect Replacement
10441954ALANKODirect Replacement
10443086ALANKODirect Replacement
11441954ALANKODirect Replacement
11443086ALANKODirect Replacement
501-04054RE-EXDirect Replacement
50104054RE-EXDirect Replacement
CH11087PERKINSDirect Replacement
A9044AS-PLDirect Replacement
CAL60612GSCASCODirect Replacement
CAL60614ASCASCODirect Replacement
F434805JOHN DEEREDirect Replacement
6732-81-6110KOMATSUDirect Replacement
R1316278H91KOMATSUDirect Replacement
646.004.070.030BV PSHDirect Replacement
646.004.070.390BV PSHDirect Replacement
LRA02997LUCAS ELECTRICAL Direct Replacement
L611997BTS TURBODirect Replacement