A147S308 - Prestolite Leece Neville IDLE PRO 24V 120A Brush Alternator

Part Notes : Prestolite products not approved for aviation applications

New Leece-Neville IdlePro™ series alternators provide the industry-best output at low engine speeds through an innovative brushed, dual internal fan design. IdlePro series alternators include a host of features that help extend battery life and increase vehicle uptime by enhancing electrical system and engine performance. Isolated Ground Technology. eCoated housing to add protection in harsh operating environments. Remote sense capable to optimize alternator output and increase battery life

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Brand Name IDLE PROWeight N/A
New vs. Reman NewAC (R) Terminal Yes
Amperage 120Dust Screen No
Excitation Type IGNField ISO Terminal No
Ignition (I) Terminal YesIgnition Protection No
Lamp (L) Terminal YesMultipower Terminal No
Neutral Terminal NoSense (S) Terminal No
Painted Housing YesMounting Type Swung (RH)
Rotation BI-DIRVoltage 24
Product Family AVIPolarity Grounded - Earth return
Fan Location INTRegulator Type INT

App Info

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ImagePart NoDescriptionNotes
6524-71  Alternator Front Housing 
A020520081  Alternator Rotor 
A023520040  Alternator Stator  
6524-15  Alternator Rear Housing 
6524-25  Alternator Rectifier  
6524-179  Voltage Regulator 
6524-37  Alternator Cover 
6524-132  Alternator Bearing Kit 
6524-133B  Alternator Pulley 
6524-134D  Alternator Hardware Kit 
A062520057  Alternator Slip Ring 

Where Used

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Cross Reference

Competitor PartNoCompetitor NameInterChange TypeNotes
A147S308IDLE PRODirect Replacement
0 124 555 005BOSCHDirect Replacement
0 124 555 061BOSCHDirect Replacement
0 124 655 005BOSCHDirect Replacement
0 124 655 065BOSCHDirect Replacement
0 124 655 082BOSCHDirect Replacement
0 124 655 091BOSCHDirect Replacement
0124555005BOSCHDirect Replacement
0124555061BOSCHDirect Replacement
0124655005BOSCHDirect Replacement
0124655065BOSCHDirect Replacement
0124655082BOSCHDirect Replacement
0124655091BOSCHDirect Replacement
B120516380BOSCHDirect Replacement
0 986 045 160BOSCH EXCHANGEDirect Replacement
0 986 045 430BOSCH EXCHANGEDirect Replacement
0986045160BOSCH EXCHANGEDirect Replacement
0986045430BOSCH EXCHANGEDirect Replacement
BX4516BOSCH EXCHANGEDirect Replacement
BX4543BOSCH EXCHANGEDirect Replacement
CAL10602GSCASCODirect Replacement
CAL10628ASCASCODirect Replacement
CAL10628GSCASCODirect Replacement
CAL10661GSCASCODirect Replacement
CAL10662GSCASCODirect Replacement
CAL10663GSCASCODirect Replacement
CAL10676GSCASCODirect Replacement
TBB170132DAIMLERDirect Replacement
19092004DELCO REMYDirect Replacement
30012VLDELCO REMYDirect Replacement
DRA1133DELCO REMYDirect Replacement
DRB5160DELCO REMYDirect Replacement
DRB5430DELCO REMYDirect Replacement
WA26541DELCO REMYDirect Replacement
218185704DRIDirect Replacement
218185904DRIDirect Replacement
761501DTDirect Replacement
484859ELSTOCKDirect Replacement
484860ELSTOCKDirect Replacement
113188HC CARGODirect Replacement
114296HC CARGODirect Replacement
CA1699HC PARTSDirect Replacement
CA1699IRHC PARTSDirect Replacement
CA1812IRHC PARTSDirect Replacement
8EL012584021HELLADirect Replacement
8EL738063001HELLADirect Replacement
8EL738195001HELLADirect Replacement
0003350301IVECODirect Replacement
2995976IVECODirect Replacement
2995978IVECODirect Replacement
42498713IVECODirect Replacement
4892318IVECODirect Replacement
4892320IVECODirect Replacement
994892320IVECODirect Replacement
42N0614520KOMATSUDirect Replacement
12591LESTERDirect Replacement
LRA02535LUCAS EXCHANGEDirect Replacement
LRA02536LUCAS EXCHANGEDirect Replacement
LRA2535LUCAS EXCHANGEDirect Replacement
LRA2536LUCAS EXCHANGEDirect Replacement
063535550050MAGNETI MARELLIDirect Replacement
063536550050MAGNETI MARELLIDirect Replacement
MAN2003MAGNETI MARELLIDirect Replacement
MAN2045MAGNETI MARELLIDirect Replacement
51.26102-0010MANDirect Replacement
51261020010MANDirect Replacement
MK667723MITSUBISHIDirect Replacement
23100LA5MANISSANDirect Replacement
89213009POWERMAXDirect Replacement
89213592POWERMAXDirect Replacement
0000304431SOLARISDirect Replacement
0000338021SOLARISDirect Replacement
040478TORINO AUTORICAMBIDirect Replacement
ALT2115UNIPOINTDirect Replacement
ALT2119UNIPOINTDirect Replacement
F042A01127UNIPOINTDirect Replacement
662086ADL / DENNISDirect Replacement
662086--XADL / DENNISDirect Replacement
662086XADL / DENNISDirect Replacement
AVI147E3005PRESTOLITE ELECTRICDirect Replacement