A049104702S - Alternator Lead Assy

Direct Replacement PRESTOLITE LN - Direct Replacement

The new Leece-Neville IdlePro Extreme™ series alternators offer industry-best output at low engine speeds, utilizing a high-amp, brushless design. Best-in-class IdlePro Extreme alternators feature an array of engineering benefits that enhance electrical system and engine performance to extend battery life and increase vehicle uptime. Isolated Ground Technology. Auxiliary Draft Cooling design* – special fan and front housing design and integration for temperature control of the front bearing. Front bearing is kept 10 C cooler as compared to traditional external fan designs. Remote sense capable to optimize alternator output and increase battery life.

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Brand Name PRESTOLITEWeight N/A
New vs. Reman New

App Info

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ImagePart NoDescriptionNotes
A041521350SAlternator Fan  
A015106791SAlternator Front Housing 
A020520994SAlternator Rotor 
A022521452SAlternator Stator  
A012520986SAlternator Rear Housing 
A170521451SAlternator Field Coil 
A051521467SAlternator Rectifier  
R214521472SVoltage Regulator 
A038520992SAlternator Cover 
K183106574SAlternator Overhaul Kit 
K212106575SAlternator Hardware Kit 

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Cross Reference

Competitor PartNoCompetitor NameInterChange TypeNotes
61006080DELCO REMYDirect ReplacementRequire shorter mounting bolts
61006082DELCO REMYDirect Replacement
8600453DELCO REMYDirect Replacement
8600483DELCO REMYDirect Replacement
8600581DELCO REMYDirect ReplacementRequire shorter mounting bolts
8600635DELCO REMYDirect ReplacementRequire shorter mounting bolts
8600737DELCO REMYDirect Replacement
8600739DELCO REMYDirect Replacement
8600761DELCO REMYDirect Replacement
8600807DELCO REMYDirect Replacement
BLP4101HIDLE PRO XDirect Replacement